Sampling Method
Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
Defective Classification
Our inspectors
How to order an inspection
Normally, inspection orders should be made by Fax or E-mail at least 3 working-days in advance.

Here are the main steps of performing an Inspection Service:

1. Customer sends us the Supplier contact details (Contact person, Factory address, Phone number) and the preferred inspection date if available.
2. We will send the supplier an Inspection Booking Form to confirm the date and location of inspection.
3. Inspection date could be modified 3 days in prior to the scheduled inspection.
4. Once the inspection is finished, a Detailed Inspection Report is sent to customer within 24 hours.

(i) If customer finds the Inspection Result satisfying, an Inspection Certificate could be issued to supplier for further shipment process;

(ii) If customer finds the Inspection Result unsatisfying, upon receipt of customer's confirmation, a Re-inspection service could be arranged after the defective products are replaced or corrected by the factory. Re-inspection service would normally be charged to the supplier, but it is still depended on the arrangement made between the two parties.

If in case of urgent inspection or particular quality checks on products, special arrangements could be made to best fulfill customers' needs.