Our Service Scope
Final Random Inspection (FRI)
Factory Audit
Other Services
In addition to our Factory Audit (FA) and Final Random Inspection (FRI) services, we also provide the following services which would play a vital part for you to avoid any delay in shipment schedule because of the unpleasant product quality, and in turn protecting your benefits:

IPC: Initial Production Check
Before the production begins, we will check on the quality of the raw materials and ensure that appropriate production techniques will be used.

IPC will highlight any non-conformity before production, and alert customer of the steps that are necessary for correction, such that product problems could be avoided during production.

DUPRO: During Production Check
When production is around 25% finished, we will examine the quality of the finished products to ensure that the quality fulfills customers' requirements.

This assists in preventing of shipment delay by allowing enough time for correction. We would also make sure that possible improvements suggested during the IPC are implemented.

LS: Loading Supervision
It is taken place to ensure that the goods inspected are also the ones being shipped. We will also make sure that the goods are being handled properly during the loading process, and the containers are in good condition for holding the products.

For all of our services, we provide a clear and detailed inspection report with photos for customer within 24 hours after inspection. If you wish to have a sample report, please contact us!