Tuesday 28 September 2021 | 06:30 am
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Why launch this exhibition now? | Fact & Figure

Five years ago, China acceded to the WTO and is currently in the process of completing a seven-year transitional period. Generally speaking, the Chinese economy has shown exceptional economic growth over this period, closely associated with China’s increased integration with the global economy.

Meanwhile, China's macro economy continues to grow robustly. According to the findings from China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the republic’s economy increased by 9.8% in 2005. Total retail sales rose 13% in 2005 and are expected to continue to rise amazingly in 2006 as a result of increased consumer credit, expansion of the retail sector and increased income in rural areas. On the other hand, by yearend, foreign currency reserves exceeded US$800 billion. Partially due to a bumper harvest, inflation in China fell to an estimated 1.3% at the end of 2005.

Despite tremendous progress, China remains a developing country, albeit one with vast potential. Rapid economic growth has fueled strong growth in imports. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the total value of imports increased to US$596 billion from January to November 2005, increasing 17%. China is now the world’s forth largest trading nation behind the United States, Japan and Germany.

Indeed, many companies have already benefited from Chinese economic growth. However, more companies can hardly find the best way to explore the market. They find that the trading policy in China is complicated and difficult to follow.

International Exhibition on Commodities & Services for China (IECC) aims at providing the best perform to global commodities suppliers and services providers to show off their goods and services at Macau, China’s southern gateway. By meeting with Mainland Chinese buyers and importers on the show, not only the participants may establish its business network, but they can directly step into the mega market which they cannot afford to miss.