In addition to your specific inspection criteria, our inspector will also refer to our customized checking points to inspect on the product and export cartons. The checking points might vary depending on the type of products (Hard or Soft Goods). Among others are the following:
Hard Goods
Soft Goods
Carton Check
Do the Shape, Color and Finishing of product correspond to customers' description and reference sample?

How well does the product function? Performance test could be conducted visually and manually on spot.

Are the components attached/ printed/ polished in the same way as customer required?

Are the components (e.g. CD Players, Toasters, TV, etc.) well assembled without missing screws, or scratches on surface, or loose fixing at internal parts?

Does the product function properly and easily?

Are all the accessories present and well packed in individual packing unit, such as connection cables, microphones, user manual, earphones, etc.?

Does the position of label and logo printing correspond to the requirement? Does the content of label conform to customers' specification?

Are the products suitably packed according to specification and packing list, for instance, a certain color/ size assorted per case/ poly bag/ export carton?

Do the shipping marks meet with requirements?

If neutral packing is required, undesired marks or reference must not appear, i.e. manufacturers' / suppliers'/ shippers' names or symbols, as well as the country of origin.