In addition to your specific inspection criteria, our inspector will also refer to our customized checking points to inspect on the product and export cartons. The checking points might vary depending on the type of products (Hard or Soft Goods). Among others are the following:
Hard Goods
Soft Goods
Carton Check

Does the hand feel the same as the reference sample? Even if without reference sample, does it feel right for the product purpose? Is the product visually clean and neat?

Do the colors match with the sample or specific pantone color number? Are various components of the same piece (e.g. sleeves and fly of a jacket.) of the same color shade? Is the color of the logo/ label printing done neatly throughout?

Does the style of product conform to the product description and reference sample? Is workmanship for example, method of seaming, performed as required?

Do the accessories conform to sample and product description? For example, are the buckles smooth and well plated without burr? Are buttons well attached at the correct place?

Are the garments weight as per required?

Is the sewing straight without puckering, skipping or broken stitching? Are the different parts such as zippers, pockets and ornaments attached correctly? Are the pockets levels with each other?

As a guideline for garments, 10% of the sample size (at least 3 units per size) must be measured to check if the size is in accordance with customers' measurement specifications and under their tolerances?

Labeling and Hangtag
Most articles are provided with a label or hangtag. Some countries have strict laws regarding to the labeling of articles.

For example, the USA has the “Labeling Act” which requires details on labels such as composition, size and care symbols, manufacturer's or store's name, trade mark or registered number. On the other hand, the European Economic Community (EEC) compulsorily stipulates that all imported articles show the garment and fabric composition.

In light of these, label checking is a must during inspection. For example, are symbols on the hangtag identical to the sewn-in label at the garment? Is the printed size the same as required?

This is also a very important part. Since products might be distributed to different locations and stores. Therefore, the color/ style/ quantity per each export carton is checked to see if they match with customer's requirement.

Labels and markings in poly bag/ gift box/ export cartons should comply with customers' specifications. If neutral packing is applied, then the name and symbols of manufacturer/ supplier/ shipper as well as the country of origin must not appear.