In addition to your specific inspection criteria, our inspector will also refer to our customized checking points to inspect on the product and export cartons. The checking points might vary depending on the type of products (Hard or Soft Goods). Among others are the following:
Hard Goods
Soft Goods
Carton Check
Even if the goods are well produced without any defects, they could be damaged during the transportation process if the export cartons are not strong enough. Thus, carton check is also performed during inspection, and the check points are as follows:
Are the constructions of export carton adequate to hold heavy load of goods?
Is the weight and size to see if exceeding requirements?
Are the cartons dry? Are they stored in dry condition?
Are the cartons properly sealed and secured?
For different products and with customer requirement, Carton Drop Test could be performed.
During Carton Drop Tests, cartons are dropped down from a height, which is determined by product/ weight of carton, to the floor in different directions:

On the bottom corner

2 On the adjacent long bottom edge
3 On the adjacent short bottom edge
4 On the adjacent vertical edge
5 On the long side surface
6 On the short side surface
7 On the bottom surface
Any problem found during the carton check will be listed in the report as Special Attention. You could therefore make an appropriate decision for shipment based on our finding.