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A Factory Audit (FA) service allows you to give you an all-round picture of the supplier's manufacturing capabilities before placing an order. Through this assessment, you are ensured that the right supplier would be chosen to produce your products.

During the course of audit, the following aspects of the factory are evaluated:

Number of employees/ workers in the production line
Skills of workers
Availability of different machines
Structure of the factory as well as identification of the owner of the factory
Social accountability standard assessment such as Child Labor, Working hours, Disciplinary practices
The list above is not exhaustive. Customers may decide which areas to be assessed (up to 150 checking points) among the main categories below:
Company Organization
Factory facilities
Quality Assurance Systems
Communication and Documentation Control
Cleanliness of factory and facilities
Employees' Working Conditions
On the basis of our report, you may decide whether the factory is suitable for your products and business.